Our Courses are Accredited by Royal College of Surgeons (when stated)


In order to qualify for CPD approval an event should:  

  • be aimed at a defined target group(s) 

  • set out clear and relevant aims and objectives & learning outcomes 

  • include a mechanism for evaluation - so that the organisers and presenters can obtain feedback on the relevance, quality and effectiveness of the activity 

  • have an appropriate programme - which reflects the needs of the intended participants 

  • reflect a broad consensus of current expert opinion 

  • not be overtly promotional where there is a commercial sponsor 

  • have a nominated organiser who will keep records of attendance and evaluation  

The type of events which may require CPD approval are:

  • Educational Conferences

  • Educational Courses 

  • Distance learning programmes, including online / virtual learning 

Award of CPD:   

If an event is approved for CPD, it will be awarded a number of CPD hours, based on the duration of the activity as follows: 

            one hour of educational content = one hour of CPD