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Postgraduate Training and Surgical MasterClass

We provide high quality and excellent value post graduate courses for basic surgical trainees, higher surgical trainees and established consultant surgeons. Many of our courses are accrediated by Royal College of Surgeons and other professional bodies. We have a large number of experienced faculty from all over the UK 

Basic Surgical Skills

(Intercollegiate BSS)

BSS is strongly recommended for all trainees who are about to embark on their first surgical position.

Delivered over two days, through a series of hands-on sessions, you will develop a range of core surgical skills and techniques. This course also includes some mandatory, pre-course e-learning. 

Led by experienced faculty you will have the opportunity to learn to use a range of surgical instruments and to handle tissue with increased confidence.

BSS is curriculum mandated training for Core Surgery and therefore eligible for HEE Study Leave applications.

Provisional Date of next BSS Course TBC


Care of the Critically

Ill Surgical Patient


CCrISP is a two-day, interactive course (including mandatory, pre-course e-learning) covering the practical skills and knowledge needed to look after surgical patients including those who are deteriorating or at risk of doing so.

Highly knowledgeable faculty from both surgical and anaesthetic specialties will help you develop practical, theoretical and personal skills in a safe environment so that you can assess and manage critical situations in a systematic way.

CCrISP is relevant to all specialties, however, examples are predominantly taken from general surgical patients.

CCrISP is recommended in the ISCP for Core Surgery and eligible for HEE study leave applications.


Provisional Date of next CCrISP Course TBC

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